2021 Greens Club Ticket Are Now Available


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Dear Members & Friends! 

Well it looks like we will have another year of COVID related issues so let's just make the best of it. Hopefully the course will open in early April with some help from Mother Nature. 

This will be the Greens Club 24th year and we will continue to offer the special of buying 2 tickets and getting the third at 50% off. Since 83 of you took advantage of that deal, we will continue to offer that special of buying 3 tickets for $100.00. Last year we sold 301 tickets and the goal is to sell over 350 this year. 

In 2020 we returned over $4800.00 to the club for course improvements, bringing the 23rd year total to over $113,800.00 

Tickets will be available throughout the year at the ProShop and on the website using PayPal at www.proctor-pittsford.com/greensclub. 

Our initial drawing will be Thursday, May 6th for $100.00. Each ticket drawn on the first week of the month will be worth $100.00, and the rest will be $50.00. There will be 20 weekly winners. The final raffle and banquet in September will have $500, $250, $200 and $100 winners depending on the number of tickets sold. 

Below is a list of the projects from last year that were completed. If you have any suggestions for special projects please let us know. 

Thanks again to all of you who have made the Greens Club such a success. We look forward to seeing everyone again when the course opens in April. 


Rick Del Bianco, Chairman
Matt Levandowski 
Al Roberge 
Frank Beyette 
Chuck Lavoie 

Joan Eaton 
Sue Jem 
Sue Johnson
Donna Williams

*If you received a ticket in the mail and would like to purchase extra tickets just send in proper amount and the extra tickets will be filled out for you.