News From the Greens Club 2023


Dear Members & Friends! 

Well, it's been another cold, snowy, and rainy winter here in Vermont, but the good news is the golf season will be here again in April. 

This will be the Greens Club's 26th year and we will continue to offer the special of buying 2 tickets and getting the third at 50% off. Since 119 of you took advantage of that deal, we will continue to offer that special of buying 3 tickets for $100.00. Last year we sold 392 tickets and the goal is to sell over 400 this year. 

In 2022 we returned over $6650.00 to the club for course improvements, bringing the 25th year total to over $130,150.00 

Tickets will be available throughout the year at the ProShop and on the website using PayPal at: 

Our initial drawing will be Thursday, May 4th for $100.00. Each ticket drawn on the first week of the month will be worth $100.00, and the rest will be $50.00. There will be 20 weekly winners. The final raffle and banquet in September will have $500, $250, $200 and $100 winners depending on the number of tickets sold. 

Below is a list of improvements from last year and the projects that were completed. If you have any suggestions for special projects please let us know. 

Thanks again to all of you who have made the Greens Club such a success. We look forward to seeing everyone again when the course opens in April. 


Rick Del Bianco, Chairman Matt Levandowski 

Al Roberge 

Frank Beyette 

Chuck Lavoie 

Richard Milhrad Joan Eaton 

Sue Jem 

Sue Johnson 

Donna Williams


Projects 2022

* Organized March cleanup of brush, cut trees, and woodchips, on the 2nd & 16th holes with the help of 14 volunteers each day.

* Put up new awning, replaced damaged wood, painted and landscaped the" Little House on The Fairway" snack shack.

- ( Thanks to Ed Easella for his help)

* Trimmed pine trees on the 6th hole out of bounds area and cut back shrubs behind the tee.

* Mulched benches, entrance area, 10th hole triangle, around the clubhouse and added mulch rings around the ball washers.

* Cut back brush on the 3rd hole, 4th hole, and 13th hole with the brush-hogger.

* Organized flower box plantings, weeded gardens, watered flowers and awarded prizes to best decorated flower boxes.(Special thanks for all the volunteers who helped with this annual project)

* Coordinated the restriping of the parking lot.

(Special thanks to Scott Gallipo & Chris McCullough)

Course Improvements: 

* New flagsticks & Cups

* Yellow Range Signs 

* Green Caps for Stakes

* Ball Washer

* Range Target

* Black Towels

* Putting Green Flags

* Shoe Cleaner

* Divot Repair Tool

* New Red & Blue Pinflags 

* Supplies: Envelopes, Paper, Stamps 

* Shack Repair: Paint, Wood, Marble Chips 

* Plastic Tees 

* Mulch Rings 

* Signs & Labels 

* Mosquito Dunks for Ponds 

* Golf Balls, Gift Certificate 

* Flower Box Decoration Prizes 

* Red Hazard Stakes 

* Flowers for 10th Hole 

* York Rake Rental (Spring Cleanup)