News From the Ladies of PPCC - Week of 5/1/23


Thanks to all who came to Spring Fling last Wednesday evening. We had about 25 members present.  It was good to see everyone and everyone is eager to have some warmer weather and get the season started.
Many asked for the PPCC Ladies Membership phone list be emailed to them.  As soon as this list is updated, we will get it out.  We were able to verify phone and email last evening for the members present.  If you have had a change to your phone (s) and/ or email, please send us your updated info. 
So currently the 2022 list is posted in the locker room, until 2023 is complete.
We will email the information for the Ladies' Wednesday night games and also the weekend tournament games.  Pat has set up the Wed. night and the Weekend Tournament  games for the entire season.  Thank you Pat!!!
There was good discussion and good points made last Wednesday evening regarding how to incorporate playing from the RED, RED/YELLOW, and YELLOW tees on Wednesday night.  We want Ladies night to be a fun, social event with players of all levels. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and comments. We will be coming up with some options to do this.  More information to follow.
Thank you Mary Fregosi for your insight and history as to the "why's and wherefore's" of the existing rule of having to play with another female member in the President's Cup and the Seniors/Legends Tournament.  This "rule" will no longer exist. You must play with a club member (male or female), his/her name must also be on scorecard, date, and attested and signed by the Pro Shop.
Happy Golfing,
Gina, Linda, & Pat  EmojiEmoji