News From the Ladies of PPCC - 5/22/23


Hello All!!
We would like to welcome new members Kimberly Adams and Nicole Adams. Hope to see you both at Wednesday Ladies night.
There are 34 members signed up to play in the Member/Member Tournament on June 10.  We are in need of another 2-some to round out the field.  Pam Skillin and Kate Fuller need 2 members to complete the 4-some.
*UPDATE* Just to let everyone know, the Member/Member now has 18 teams, and the field is complete. Winnie found a partner.
Wednesday Night's game (5/24) is 2 person Best Ball.  If you are playing in the member/member tournament and would like to play with your partner, please let us know.
Just want to re-iterate also the discussion at Spring Fling regarding having to play with a female member for President's Cup, Seniors and Legends and Qualifying rounds for Club Championship.  Going forward you may play the round with a member of PPCC. It does not need to be a female member.
REMINDER .....Please review the Weekend Tournament Information.  Cards are missing dates, "T's", last names. Participants are also being disqualified due to not posting scores to GHIN system.
There were only 7 participants for weekend tournament 5/12 - 5/14, therefore no tournament.
Weekend Tournament Results:  5/19 - 5/21    CRISS-CROSS
    GROSS:  Kristen Johnson       38    $10
                    JoJo Valente            38     $9
                    Sarah Laderoute      38     $8
     NET:       Laura Sarault           29     $10
                    Steph  Cyr               30      $9
                        Janice Garrow         32      $8
THANK YOU to everyone who helped plant perennials at the #3 Tee Box.
Gina, Linda, and Pat.