2016 Greens Club Final Drawing Event - The Winners!

The greens club held its final drawing on Sunday, October 2nd with a good turnout of 51 golfers and an extra dozen or so for the drawing.  We sold 5 more tickets making the total for the year 283.  This resulted in over $5600 being returned to the club for course improvements.  The latest project was replacing the flags on the range and the divot box tops will be replaced this weekend thanks to Ed Casella.
As promised we awarded prizes to the best decorated flower boxes. We had a volunteer from the Rutland Garden Club do the judging and the winners were: Nan Kirbach (hole #8), Frank Beyette (hole #5), and Brenda Beanland (hole #17).  They were awarded a nice gift certificate to Harvest Moon and a large Mum from Garden Time.
Final Drawing Winners:
$500.00 Bill Flory
$500.00 Rick Wormwood
$250.00 Jeff Durkee
$250.00 Jeff Sawyer
$250.00 Ed Casella
$250.00 John Zawistoski
$100.00: Hank Pelkey, Vic Pisanelli, Howard Bombardier, Rob Gilligan, Donna Williams, Anne Zawistoski, Dick Kelleway, Barry Donovan, Don Tuttle, D.J. Graham (twice) , Mary Danforth, Jack Benoit, Pat Cuddy O'Mally
**** Anne Zawistoski donated her winnings back to the Greens Club!!!
$50.00 extra bonus prizes to: Joe Muscatello, Margo Donovan, Skip Pratico, Winnie Dennis.
September winners: Ernie Cioffi, Norm Ladabouche, Pat Cuddy O'Mally, Walter Linnemaur
We had some great food put out by Dickie and Garafano's Grill and as always Becky and Kathy did a great job in taking care of our needs.
Thanks again for your support this year and tickets for 2017 will be out in March.
The Greens Club

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