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Thanks for your continued support of Proctor Pittsford Country Club....and Good Luck!

2022 Projects

* Organized March cleanup of brush, cut trees, and woodchips, on the 2nd & 16th holes with the help of 14 volunteers each day.

* Put up new awning, replaced damaged wood, painted and landscaped the" Little House on The Fairway" snack shack. - ( Thanks to Ed Casella for his help)

* Trimmed pine trees on the 6th hole out of bounds area and cut back shrubs behind the tee.

* Mulched benches, entrance area, 10th hole triangle, around the clubhouse and added mulch rings around the ball washers.

* Cut back brush on the 3rd hole, 4th hole, and 13th hole with the brush-hogger.

* Organized flower box plantings, weeded gardens, watered flowers and awarded prizes to best decorated flower boxes. (Special thanks for all the volunteers who helped with this annual project)

* Coordinated the restriping of the parking lot. (Special thanks to Scott Gallipo & Chris McCullough)

Course Improvements: 

* New flagsticks & Cups

* Yellow Range Signs 

* Green Caps for Stakes

* Ball Washer

* Range Target

* Black Towels

* Putting Green Flags

* Shoe Cleaner

* Divot Repair Tool

* New Red & Blue Pinflags 

* Supplies: Envelopes, Paper, Stamps 

* Shack Repair: Paint, Wood, Marble Chips 

* Plastic Tees 

* Mulch Rings 

* Signs & Labels 

* Mosquito Dunks for Ponds 

* Golf Balls, Gift Certificate 

* Flower Box Decoration Prizes 

* Red Hazard Stakes 

* Flowers for 10th Hole 

* York Rake Rental (Spring Cleanup) 

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