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Dear members and friends! 

Welcome to the 2017 golf season at Proctor-Pittsford, and the 20th season of the PPCC Greens Club!

Over the years, and thanks to your participation, the Greens Club has contributed thousands of dollars towards enhancements and beautification projects to make our golf course the best it can be.  Last year was a record year for the Greens Club, raising almost $13,000, returned to club members in the form of both raffle winnings and course improvements!  Thank you to all!

This year, our goal is to sell 300 tickets which will allow for $6000.00 to go to course improvements.

Among others, one of the big projects is to put up new window awnings to enhance up the clubhouse along with several small course improvement projects.
NEW this year!  For every 2 tickets you purchase at $40, you can purchase a third ticket at half price, in other words,  3 tickets for $100.00

Don’t miss out!  Weekly drawings for $50 begin Thursday, May 11th!

We are still looking for new members and always looking for suggestions on new projects for the course, so drop us a note, if you like. 

Rick Del Bianco, Chairman                      Joan Eaton
Al Roberge                                               Donna Williams
Matt Levandowski                                    Sue Johnson
Frank Beyette                                           Linda Olney
Chuck Lavoie                                           Sue Jern

For more info., e-mail us at

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Thanks for your continued support of Proctor Pittsford Country Club....and Good Luck!