The Winners of 2020 Membership Raffle Drawing


The winners of the 2020 Membership Raffle Drawing were drawn live on Facebook from the patio at Redfield's at 5:00pm

Gene Richards (2 tickets drawn, 2 Memberships)
Bill Gladski
Mark Price
Douglas Allen
David Cheney
Tom Franzoni
David Mazzariello
George Ritter
Joe Bonasera
Lynn Blandy
John Gray

A total of 12 free memberships!

Again, thank you to everyone who bought a ticket for making this the most successful raffle drawing yet!

We can't wait to see everyone out there. Stay tuned for more information on the opening date, and the guidelines with which we will have to open.

All ticket stubs that were purchased online will be reserved in your name, and are available for pick up in the pro shop, once the course opens.