Starting The New Season


It is finally time to get out and play some golf again. The beginning of another golf season will bring the same old challenges as every year. Rusty swings, chunky chip shots, and terrible putts are awaiting us all. Chances are that it will take a dozen rounds or so before the swing and short game come back but there are some steps that can minimize the damage.

Average golfers tend to favor one club at the range, the driver. This is the exact opposite of any decent player. If the entire game of golf is analyzed, it is easy to see that the driver is rarely hit. The majority of shots are played from 100 yards and in. Given this information it does not make much sense to sit on the range and hit drives all day.

Start of the season at the short game practice area. The first trip to the range should consist completely of putts, chips, and pitch shots. Going to the range and shanking a bucket of drivers is not going start the season off in the correct fashion. Practicing the short game for the majority of the range session will improve your game.

In the early season, concentrate on tempo and solid contact. Find drills that address a specific problem in your swing and work on them as much as possible. Concentrate on your swing or flight path problems first.

Make the most of this season and start it out the right way. Short game practice and a great attitude will make the game fun.Keep your expectations within a reachable goal. Get the short game in order right away and in 2021 you will be heading in the right direction. Your golfing buddies will be paying out all the skins.

Looking forward to seeing and helping you with your golf game.

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