2022 Women's Club Championship - Results

Mother nature was up to her old tricks yesterday, her timing was not great, but we prevailed.  Despite the rain and cold, there were some great matches out there.  

First Flight

Harriet Parot won the first flight, but Liz Fothergill did not go away easy.  Liz was down 3 with 3 to go and forced an extra hole play off.  Congratulations Harriet and Liz for a great match.  

Pat Martin defeated Laura Sarault on the 17th hole. Another well fought match.  Nice job ladies. 

Championship Flight 

Kristen Shaeffer defeated Heather Grier on the 15th hole.  These are two players to keep an eye on in 2023.  

It took Jojo Valente 18 holes to defeat Deirdre Morris for another club championship for Jojo. A lot of repeat names on the marble! Well done ladies.   

Thank you to everyone that participated in the tournament this year, and thank you to our loyal spectators.  Everyone truly appreciates the support.  

Please let us know if you have any suggestions to increase participation in the club championship next year.  

    1. Perhaps a red/yellow tee division? 

    2. Yellow tee division?

    3. Stroke play vs. match play.  

We are open to suggestions.  Please reach out to the sports committee if you have any suggestions.    

CONGRATULATIONS to all on a great weekend!

Gina, Linda and Sarah 

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