News From The Ladies of PPCC - Week of May 8th


Weekend Tournament Winners

Credit on the books in the Pro Shop

Gross Winners         Score         Payout

S. Laderoute                   36               $7.00

K. Aicher                      *45               $6.00


Net Winners              Score         Payout

G. Elms                            29                $7.00

S. Leonard                     *30                $6.00

*match of cards 



Rob Del Bianco held the 1st Ladies clinic of the year Wednesday, May 11th


Wednesday Night Ladies Night

Wednesday Scramble  28 participants. 

Thank you to everyone who came to ladies night.  It was a beautiful night.  We started with a chipping clinic and ended with our dinner on the deck.  Doesn't get much than that!

Scramble Winners 

1st Place score of 37 each will receive $6.00 credit on the books in the Pro Shop

K. Johnson 

G. Elms 

M. Pierce 


2nd Place score of 39, each will receive $5.00 credit on the books in the Pro Shop

S. Laderoute 

B. Capowski

J. Garrow

S. Sabataso

Congratulations to Kelly Perry for winning the 50/50 - $53.00 cash!!!


Weekend Tournament 5/13-5/16 is Regular golf 

Full Handicap 

Red Tees 

Gross/Net Pay Out


Member/Member Tournament 

If you are planning on playing in the Member/Member tournament - deadline is 5/18/2022. We strongly encourage anyone who has not come to ladies night and tried on a vest to please come try them on.  They tend to run small. Vest will be at ladies night on 5/18.   We are only placing one order  5/19/2022.  

Enjoy the weather!

Happy golfing, 

Linda, Gina and Sarah 


State Tournaments 

Registration is open for the following State Tournaments 
7/11 & 7/12: Senior Championship at Mt. Anthony
8/1-8/3: Amateur Championship at Neshobe
9/17 & 9/18: Mid-Amateur Championship at Champlain Country Club