News From The Ladies of Proctor-Pittsford - Week of 5/30/22


Ladies Night Results 5/18 Count Your Putts - 28 Players

Pro Shop Credit 

C. LeBlanc      13         $7.00

L. Fothergill    16          $6.00

S. Candon       16         $6.00

S. Leonard      16         $6.00

L. Sarault        16         $6.00

P. Martin          16        $6.00


Weekend Results 5/20 - 5/23  Regular Golf Full Handicap - Deduct Highest and Lowest Holes  9 Players 

Pro Shop Credit 


K. Aicher        92       $7.00

L. Lambert      94      $6.00



J. Garrow      64     $7.00

G. Elms         66     $6.00


Please remember to fill our your scorecard as outlined in the weekend tournament guidelines. 

    Full Name and Date on Scorecard (first name or initials will not be considered for weekend tournament)

    Enter a "T" next to the name of the player(s) who are participating in the tournament.  

    Post your scores to the GHIN system by 5:00 pm Monday to be eligible for weekly prizes 

    Cards that do not contain this information will not be considered for the weekend tournament.  


Ladies Night Results 5/24/22   Hidden Hole #4    30 players

Pro Shop Credit 


K. Levins        36        $6.00

L. Laderoute   38        $5.00

D. Morris        39         $4.00

H. Parot         42         $3.00



*S. Sarault      29      $6.00

*L. Fothergill  29       $5.00

P. Martin         30      $4.00

*L. Lambert     31     $3.00 


* Match of Cards


Weekend Results 5/27-5/30 Strike 3   15 players 



Laderoute     65      $7.00

Johnson        74       $6.00

Melvin           79       $5.00



Lambert        50          $7.00

Sarault          52         $6.00

*Elms            54          $5.00

Match of cards 


Please make sure you have paid for the weekend tournament to be eligible for weekly prizes.  Cost is $15.00.  Questions reach out to a sports committee member.  


President Cup Play begins June 1st - July 15th

All play is from the Red Tees 

Net Winners Only 

Please use your handicap from the GHIN system on the day you are playing.  If you do not have the app on your phone you can go into the Pro Shop and check your handicap on the computer.   Questions, please see a sports committee member.  


Member/Member Tournament 

Shotgun start at 8:30 on June 4th. 

Please arrive earlier than later. 

If anyone would like to take pictures like Pat McGee used to do for us, please let us know.  

If anyone would like to sell raffle tickets please let us know.  

Just an FYI, the tee gift will NOT be here in time for the tournament due to supply chain issues.  We will keep you all posted.  Sorry for inconvenience. 


State Tournaments 

Registration is open for the following State Tournaments 
7/11 & 7/12: Senior Championship at Mt. Anthony
8/1-8/3: Amateur Championship at Neshobe
9/17 & 9/18: Mid-Amateur Championship at Champlain Country Club

Happy golfing, 

Linda, Sarah and Gina