News From the Ladies of PPCC - 6/7/23


Hope everyone is looking forward to the Member-Member tournament this Saturday, June 10, 2023.  Shotgun start at 0830.  Please arrive no later than 8am.

The theme this year is " A Garden Party" Some of us will have on our best bonnets!!!  Emoji.png The WSC has been working very hard to give everyone a fun and enjoyable tournament.

Weekend Tournament Results 6/2 - 6/4  Regular Golf Full Handicap.

    GROSS:  Sarah Laderoute      84   $10.00
                    Sue Melvin               90     $9.00

    NET:  Brenda Beanland           71    $10.00
              Liz Fothergill  **             77      $9.00

(** Match of Cards)

Congratulations to Sarah and Paul Laderoute. Sarah will be missed from this weekend's tournament, but they will be at their son Bennett's wedding in Oxford, Maine. Emoji.png