Men's 2020 Member-Guest - UPDATE


Update on Carts for the Member-Guest

As we approach this year's Member-Guest Tournament, we have some info on the carts available during the event. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PPCC has been unable to attain additional carts from any of our normal outlets. Therefore, we only have our own stable of carts. Because of that, we ask the following:

- We will only be able to allow 2 carts per foursome. If you are unable to walk and are not comfortable riding with your partner, we ask that you put your bag   on the cart and walk, alternating with your partner, if that works.

- If your tee time comes and there is not a cart available, we ask that you tee off on time, and the staff will bring a cart out as soon as it's available.
We have established a block of consecutive Starters' Times towards late morning to be able to turn around the early morning tee time carts for the balance of the day's play. We believe this will help to alleviate most issues with getting everyone their requested cart.

With 96 teams in the tournament, we appreciate those players who are planning on walking, and thank everyone for your understanding. We thank everyone for participating and hope you have a great  tournament.

Good Luck !
The Sports Committee