Men's Night Now Open to Members Only


After review and careful consideration, as mentioned in the most recent newsletter, the Men’s Sports Committee has determined that in order to try to keep play moving for the shotgun tee off at 5:00pm for Men’s Night, we will be unable to continue to have guests participate.

As well, depending on how many players we have, groups that sign up in 3-somes, may have to be split up and moved into groups to make 4-somes. We are averaging between 120-130 players for the shotgun and 140-150 players for the day playing Men’s Night.  Please know that we will continue to monitor this moving forward, and will re-adjust accordingly.

Remember, if you have an open schedule on Thursday, and have concerns about the length of time it takes to get the 9 holes in during our shotgun start, you have the option of playing during the day. Sign up in the pro shop, play the front 9 as your Men’s Night and turn the card in, either to the pro shop or in the box down in the men’s locker room.

Thank You,
The Men's Sports Committee