News From the Ladies of PPCC - For the Week of July 18th


Ladies Night Tee Times for Wednesday 7/21/21

4:30 - L Fothergill, M Rafter, L Lambert, P Giddings
4:40 - B Blanchard, Joan Eaton, N Zetelski, P Cuddy
4:50 - D Williams, A Zawistoski, J Garrow
5:00 - S Laderoute, B Capowski, K Johnson, A Stein

If you are not on the list our apologies.  Last check on list was 5pm on 7/18. Please call to let us know.
Sheila is away this week, if anyone needs to cancel or change a tee time, please reach out to Sarah or Linda. 
Sarah's cell phone 802-353-9541
Linda's cell phone 802-345-8353
Happy Golfing, 
Linda, Sarah and Sheila