Ready Golf and YOU


Ready Golf and YOU

I've been out here for 3 and half hours already. Boy does that sound familiar? So what is the easiest way to solve this golfing nightmare?


Ready Golf means that ALL golfers should go to their ball as soon as possible and get READY to play their shot. While waiting to hit, PLAYERS should SURVEY their shot, SELECT their club, TAKE them from their bag, and STAND at their ball READY to step up and make the shot when it is their turn. That's Ready Golf!  

As of January 2019 the rules state, all players will be allowed and encouraged to play out of turn when safe to do so and in a responsible way ('READY GOLF'), without penalty.  

The PGA, R&A and LPGA suggest that you should hit your golf shot in 40 seconds. Following the above recommendation will make your round and fellow players rounds much more enjoyable

Give it try! Enjoy your round of golf in a fun and reasonable time span. You and your fellow golfers will have a much more enjoyable day.

Please remember to repair your divot and one other.

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