Working On Your Tempo



The main issue for a lot of amateurs with tempo is swinging too fast. You’re

taking it back, you get excited about ripping it, and suddenly the club doesn't

have a chance to even pause at the top before it’s back on it’s way down .

Tempo can be defined as the elapsed time of your golf swing from the moment

you begin your takeaway to the completion of your follow-through. Amateurs

often struggle with finding the proper tempo because they think they need to

swing much faster than they actually do to generate power and distance. But

even some golf professionals find that they must slow down their tempo when

they fall into the habit of rushing their swings

Relax when you address the ball. Tension is a major cause of a hurried swing

tempo. Be deliberate with all the actions you take prior to taking your stance

and setting the club behind the ball. Walk up to your ball slowly. Take relaxed,

easy practice swings.

Let it go.

Please remember to repair your divot and one other.

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