2019 Greens Club Year End Drawing - Winners


It has been a great year at Proctor-Pittsford again.  We had a nice afternoon of golf, food and prizes for the final drawing. We had 56 golfers in all, made a lot of people happy and a few dollars richer.  We had several people win during the weekly drawing and also in the final drawing.  All were people who took advantage of the special and bought 3 tickets, thus the importance of buying multiple tickets to increase your odds of winning.

Here are the winners:

$500  Don Tuttle , Sue Jern
$250  Suzie Candon, Anne Zawistoski, David K. Morgan
$200  Stan Pawlaczyk (twice), Bill Hultz, Ray Ault, Joe Walker
$100  Dave Young, Paul Cassesse, Pat McGee, Rick Byers, Dirk Stuepert, Donna Williams, Tony Notte, Steve White, Emily Davine, Tim Puro

We also want to thank everyone who decorated the flower boxes. The top 6 best decorated were put in a random drawing and the winners were: Brenda Beanland (hole 17) , Frank Beyette (hole 5) , and Sue Jern & Sue Johnson for ( hole 13) they all won $40.00.

We finished up staining all the benches, stained the fence by the cart barn and put a fresh coat on the divot mix holder and waste receptacle.  We also did some clear cutting of brush on the left side of hole #13 and to the right of hole #15.  We will continue to work on other areas during the fall in hopes to speed up play and prevent lost balls, (24 were found on the 13th hole).

The Cleaned Left Side of 13
The cleared out left side of #13

Overall we sold 327 tickets, returned over $5000 to the club and awarded $5000 in prizes. Thanks again for your support, have a great fall & winter and we look forward to another great year in 2020.