2020 Fall Classic - 9/19-20/20 - Saturday Tee Times and Info.


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Tee times for Sunday will be posted Saturday, check the board or your e-mail

Welcome to this year's tournament. We appreciate everyone's interest in playing this year. With all the different things going on due to COVID, we wanted to get out some information on this year's tournament. There are some changes, and we wanted to get them out to you in advance, so that we have a successful weekend.
- There are 80 teams in the tournament this year. Each flight will be 8 teams, with a total of 10 flights.
- We are utilizing tee times instead of the (2) session shotgun start. Due to this and the dwindling light, we need everyone to keep up their groups pace of play.
- Scorecards will be provided for each group, both days. With the continuous play, only 1 scorecard, including both teams players for the tee time assigned, will be used.
   Cards will be marked for the 9 hole format as a reminder. Everyone will play the same format for the front and back 9's on Saturday and Sunday. The formats are as
   follows: Sat. Front 9 - Modified Alternate Shot   Sat. Back 9 - Best Ball     Sun. Front 9 - Scramble   Sun. Back 9 - Aggregate (both payers hole by hole scores)
- Double Par is the max score per team on the first 3 formats, and for each player on the Back 9 on Sunday.
- At the end of your round, please place cards in the box in the men's locker room. Please do not post your scores on the score sheets. We will take care of that.
- Scorecards for your foursome and an information sheet will be available on the first tee both days.
Again, thank you all for participating in this year's tournament. We hope you have a good time and the changes work for everyone. Please don't hesitate to provide any feedback that comes to mind. Play well, good luck!
Men's Sports Committee