News From The Ladies of PPCC - Week of May 15th


Weekend Results - Regular Golf 

Credit on the books in the Pro Shop


Laderoute     88     $7.00

Leblanc        95      $6.00


Leonard     68     $7.00

Garrow       69     $6.00


Wednesday Ladies Night 5/18/22 - Game this week is Count your Putts.  We have 30 women signed up to play - Yay!  This is fantastic.   

Please order off the menu before you go out to play.  Redfield's will be serving between 7:15 - 7:30

Please remember pace of play - Keep up with the team in front of you!

10 stroke maximum per hole.


Member/Member Tournament 

If you are planning on playing in the Member/Member tournament - deadline is 5/18/2022. We strongly encourage anyone who has not come to ladies night and tried on a vest to please come try them on.  They tend to run small.  We are only placing one order on  5/19/2022.  


Sue Melvin is looking for a partner for Member/Member  -  +16035520634


Upcoming State Tournaments 

Registration is open for the following State Tournaments 
7/11 & 7/12: Senior Championship at Mt. Anthony
8/1-8/3: Amateur Championship at Neshobe
9/17 & 9/18: Mid-Amateur Championship at Champlain Country Club

Enjoy the weather!

Happy golfing, 

Linda, Gina and Sarah